Family Support and Tutoring Services for Strong Brooklyn Neighborhoods

A Brooklyn Family Place provides tutoring, counseling, and support services for many Brooklyn families-in-need.  The organization helps parents and children navigate the public education system and offers programs that help families – and communities – to be healthier and more economically stable.

The agency’s paramount aim is to empower all of their clients, regardless of gender, racial, economic, or social disadvantage.  A Brooklyn Family Place believes that to overcome inequalities and adversities, individuals must have a strong sense of self-worth and self-ability.

To this end, they focus upon education in family-based programs to strengthen academic, social, and economic accomplishment for the overall health of the Brooklyn neighborhoods.

A Brooklyn Family Place was founded in 2000 by Gwendolyn Lewis from the experience she gained as a healthcare specialist and as a Beacon Program administrator while guiding her own children through public school education in under-served communities. If you take a walking tour through South Williamsburg, you’ll still see the remnants of the time that led to great injustice and poverty in parts of Brooklyn.

To date, A Brooklyn Family Place has served more than 800 children and adults in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn and continues to grow with clients from other neighborhoods, with their well-tried and tested approaches. Today, more and more people rather live here than in Manhattan, so the economic uplift will have its positive effect on job options and life in general, they hope. But there is so much work to be done!

A Brooklyn Family Place works to increase child and adult competency in problem-solving skills that can meet their challenges. With a strong focus on improving primary and secondary school education outcomes, the organization has expanded to include other family-supporting curricula, as well: among them are career development, financial counseling, and domestic violence prevention. These offerings are supplemented by referrals to specialized agencies for family and individual counseling, healthcare and food sufficiency.

A Brooklyn Family Place ardently works to equip children and families with the competent problem-solving skills that are needed to overcome the challenges they face and acts as a navigational coach for families through education, healthcare, and social service systems.

Today, A Brooklyn Family Place provides programs, workshops, and services, focused on:

  • Mentoring and Tutoring for Elementary, Middle and High School Youth
  • Counseling for Youth and Adults
  • Family Literacy
  • Health Management
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Counseling
  • Social Service  Linkages
  • Adult Respite and Weekend Retreats
  • Job Referrals and Career Development
  • Small Business Training and Start-Up Skills

A Brooklyn Family Place has built a network of support through partnerships with public agencies, hospitals, and other service providers. To learn more about Brooklyn’s history, check out this post.

What is important at A Brooklyn Family Place is the interaction between the tutors and the students – the tutors get the kids very involved and interested in their schoolwork; the tutors approach the young people with care, love, and respect like their own children. See also this post about City Island seafood.