Brooklyn College (enrollment 17,410 – 2017) is a senior CUNY (City University of New York) college that was founded in 1930 by the Board of Higher Education of New York City. This post is about the academic works of Professor Juergen Polle and Brooklyn College Library.

It started as the Brooklyn branches of Hunter College (a college for females in those days) in cooperation with the City College of New York (a college for men then). When these branches merged, Brooklyn College was New York City’s first public co-educational school for the liberal arts.

Brooklyn College’s campus is renown for its beauty, and the school is often called ‘poor men’s Harvard’ as its tuition is very affordable its academics are highly respected. The school accepts a relatively large number of GED graduates and enhances online GED courses such as the BestGEDClasses practice website. The GED diploma is equivalent to a common high school diploma. Nowadays, New York State is using the TASC instead of the GED for high school equivalency testing.

Dr. Juergen Polle, who joined Brooklyn College in 2002, is a professor in the school’s Department of Biology. In the period early 1997 to late 2002,  Juergen Polle was a postdoc in Berkely, California, at Dr. A. Melis’ laboratory at the University of California.

Professor Polle gets some pretty tough comments and criticism on RateMyPrefessor, but that’s what happens more often with persons of academic excellence. They are not necessarily always the best teachers. But now first back to the history of Brooklyn College.

For over 85 years, Brooklyn College has attracted a broad array of highly motivated and intelligent students. The school has been offering the best possible education to many immigrants and their children wishing to enhance their livelihood via superb education. Brooklyn College boasts renowned faculty and has produced many artists and professionals who may be reckoned among the world’s best in their professional fields.

The school is constantly ranking high in ratings by reputed organizations such as US News & World Report and Princeton Review for diversity, location, and value. The school offers many scholarship options as well to qualifying students. Brooklyn College is at the heart of New York City’s urban, civic, and artistic life and uses the city as a virtual classroom to broaden its students’ understanding of everything that relates to the surrounding world.

The school’s campus is considered to be one of the prettiest in America and offers lots of well-equipped educational and other facilities, smart classrooms, studios, and practice and production rooms. Another great plus is that Brooklyn College has managed to keep its tuition fees at a very affordable level!

Brooklyn College’s student enrollment of 17,410 (14,135 undergraduate and 3,275 graduate students) are coming from 150 nations who are speaking over 100 languages. The school offers almost 175 advanced certificate, undergraduate degree, and graduate degree programs in education, business, the creative arts, social, behavioral, and natural sciences, humanities, and mathematics. Brooklyn College’s admissions criteria have, through the years, become more and more selective, and for 2015, a 1111 SAT score was required. See also this post on scholarships at Long Island University/Brooklyn Campus.

Professor Juergen Polle

Now back to Professor Juergen Polle. Dr. Polle works in Brooklyn College’s Department of Biology (CUNY). Mr. Polle established the school’s Laboratory for Experimental & Applied Phycology, also known as LEAP. In the laboratory, scientists combine fundamental biological research with applied microbiology on microalgae.

Over the last 15 years, LEAP has been working with a number of microalgae, including green algae, unicellular algae, cyanobacteria, and diatoms. The green algae research conducted by LEAP is centering on stress metabolism and improving biofuels production and biomass productivity from microalgae. LEAP’s research activities were funded, among others, by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Department of Energy, and the National Institute of Health.

Professor Juergen Polle is highly recognized for his research on green algae, and specifically of the genus Dunaliella. After years of isolating, screening, and identifying microalgal strains for the production of biomass, together with other partners in the National Alliance for Bioproducts and Advanced Biofuels, some new green algae species are currently under close investigation regarding stress metabolism and growth.

Brooklyn College’s World-class Faculty

Practically all of Brooklyn College instructors and professors have won academic awards and receive funding from national institutions such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, the National Institutes of Health, or the American Department of Education.

The school’s faculty includes, just to mention a few, Mac Wellman (Obie Award-winning playwright), Paul Moses (Pulitzer Prize awarded journalist, Arturo O’Farrill (famous composer and Grammy-winning pianist), and Ursula Oppens (Grammy-nominated pianist).

Other well-known faculty members are Jonathan Wacks (filmmaker and founder of the Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema), biographer Jeanne Theoharis, famous psychologist Anthony Sclafani, Rohit Parikh (internationally highly respected digital expert), Shlomo Silman (the famous audiologist), Corey Robin (author and political scientist), and Juergen Polle (renown micro biotechnology expert).

Brooklyn College
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