Brooklyn College was established in the 1930s and is a beautifully situated 4-year college with Georgian-style buildings on a 26-acre location that includes top-notch art studios, lecture halls, classrooms, and science laboratories. The school’s students, more than 17,000 in total, are really a highly diverse community who come from all across and the rest of the world. So let’s check out Brooklyn College Academic Calendar and Scholarship Options.

What drives and unites all these students is their dedication to success in their future. Brooklyn College offers excellent and affordable academic programs, and also offers great financial packages and scholarships. The school is included in many “the best career path” suggestions, rated among nation’s “best value” colleges and regularly receives praise for its beautiful campus location.

Brooklyn College offers programs for undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students, from all over the world, as well as continuing education to students wishing to enhance their careers. Students who want to go for an MBA are welcome, and the school offers numerous scholarships, so let’s take a look at a few of your options:

Quinque Scholarship

The school’s Quinque scholarship is an annual award available to excellent undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in Latino and Puerto Rican studies. Applicant must have outstanding community service or be excelling in academic achievement.

Estelle & Jack Rapaport Scholarship

This is Brooklyn College’s Annual Award for minority undergraduates who are juniors or seniors majoring in Chemistry.

Jack Wolfe Scholarship

This is an annual award available to undergraduate seniors majoring in Computer Science

Alice Crow Guidance Scholarship

This Brooklyn College annual award is open to “Guidance and Counseling Program” members of the College’s School of Education. Applicants are required to be of outstanding character and be committed to the college, the community, and the academic program.

Earl and Barbara Graves Scholarship

This annual award is especially for African-American graduate students majoring in Elementary Education. Candidates must have been teaching in, and planning to, New York City’s public school system. The scholarship may be renewed is students maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Dollie Robinson Memorial Scholarship

This Brooklyn College annual award is especially for undergraduate or graduate students who have been encouraging fellow students and have contributed to improving the quality of life in the school’s community.

Dorothy Geddes Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is an annual award open to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Mathematics Education. Those who apply need to have at least a 3.2 GPA and plan to be teaching mathematics in elementary, middle or secondary education. Graduate students must have completed no less than 12 credits in math education, and applicants need to demonstrate excellent potential in the area of teaching mathematics.

Elizabeth Casey Theater Scholarship

This annual award is for an undergraduate student who is a senior attending Brooklyn College-CUNY in New York majoring in Theater. Applicants must have achieved high scholastic standing and made outstanding contributions to the study of Theater at Brooklyn College.

Dean Emeritus Edwin H. Spengler Scholarship

Brooklyn’ College’s annual award for non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students who are excelling in scholastic performance

Cynthia Contreras Student Scholarship

This is the school’s annual scholarship open to undergraduate or graduate students who are demonstrating excellence in film production or film studies.

Conservancy of Music Performance Scholarship

This is the school’s annual scholarship for excellent undergraduate and graduate Conservancy of Music students majoring in Performance.

Charles G. Shaw Art Department Award

Brooklyn College’s scholarship for students majoring in Art. Those who qualify must have demonstrated excellent accomplishments in the field of Art.

Constance E. Lieber Scholarship

This Brooklyn College scholarship is the Annual award for undergraduate or graduate students from a Russian-Jewish background who major in Neuroscience or Pre-Med.

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