Living and loving – being a part of the Brooklyn Community

Living in the City or Brooklyn? Which is better? everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the facts remain that according to the stats, Brooklyn has seen a more rapid increase in rental prices, population growth, and overall values.

Why is this, many people ask? many say it is simply because Manhattan just is not affordable anymore or as others put it, there is much more space for your money in Brooklyn – a bigger bang for your buck. Brooklyn is less congested, has more friendly people, a better overall vibe, more authentic creative New York City residents live in Brooklyn… Well, all these factors make that many chose to live in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan.

Whatever it may be, the facts remain to show that the Brooklyn Lifestyle is becoming more popular not just within the world of NYC but throughout the actual world. People from all across the nation, or maybe the world, have Brooklyn on their radars – hedge funds, private family trusts, tech start-ups, yuppies, artists, and even people from all the way in China want a piece of this new and improved Brooklyn! This is actually the place where the Cobb Salad was born!

Why is it that people rant over Manhattan when here in Brooklyn we get all the lovely views of the Manhattan skyline? Manhattan may remain capital of the universe for now, but as some boast the fourth largest city in the nation – Brooklyn – is rapidly climbing to the Manhattan ranks as price point begin to compete with the neighboring borough! It really came a long way from Breukelen to Brooklyn.

Strong Place – Pretty Good…

Strong Place, a relatively new raw bar and American bistro in the old Shakespeare’s Sister space on Court Street (which we’ve been watching for a while), opened a few years way back. Strong Place is owned and operated by the same folks that run Bocca and includes 50 seats 50, and when the backyard opens, it’ll fit another 30 more. Check out also this post on Brooklyn College.

Drinking Brooklyn says, “The decor is pleasant and fits the neighborhood’s vibe (exposed brick, hardwood floors, dim lighting). But small, eclectic touches like tiny placards hanging from clothesline pins… identifying the brews on tap add a little je ne sais quoi.” Drinking Brooklyn was impressed by the 24 beers on tap and speculated that Bar Great Harry might have some local competition close to Brooklyn Bridge.

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog shares an early review of the food, and has good things to say about the “flavorful and refreshing” fluke crudo, the “wonderful” grilled asparagus “which came with a mushroom fondue and pecorino,” the “nicely done” seared diver scallops with lemon and lavender foam, and the “fantastic” upside-down pineapple cake for dessert. A tipster echoed Eat It’s complaints that the wine pours were weak and that the beers are served in smaller-than-pint-sized glasses. However, the tipster loved the “Clams, Brats & Beer” entree, littlenecks and bratwurst in a delicious beer broth, served with grilled bread to sop it all up. Has anybody else stopped in yet?