Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is wonderfully average and empty. Inner Brooklyn is rather lame and ugly all things considered. The DUMBO area is nice, beyond that, the only state institutions built before WWII are nice to look at.

There was some great art by some dude who found random blokes on the street brought them into his studio and painted a portrait. The random person off the street would select a classic portrait, get his picture taken in that pose, then the artist would make a portrait of the person. Subversion of the past.

The first Saturday of each month the Brooklyn Museum hosts a free gala of fun! It was packed! I never thought that so many people would go to Brooklyn, let alone the museum. Apparently, TV hasn’t killed all American culture.

Yesterday was spent at the North end of Central Park enjoying the weather. We ended up at St. John the Divine Cathedral. There was a big fire there in 2001 yet it still remains a beautiful church.

Then we exposed our brains to an onslaught of Americana, so much that I’ve got my fill of America and am ready to return to the land of the almost-sane. We ate in Tom’s Restaurant of Seinfeld and Susan Vega fame. It was an all-American menu with all-American service, which can only be described as rude service. We followed this up the Super Bowl.

When obstacles arise…

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.” ~Zig Ziglar~

You ever wonder, when something’s not going the way you planned it to go with your network marketing business, you haven’t reached the goals within the planned time, you ever wonder if maybe you got into the wrong business? That you should just quit?

I’ve tried my share of network marketing businesses, most of them half-heartedly, because I believe in the concept of network marketing and working my business at home but then I could hardly afford the monthly auto-ship most of the time and, well there’s a lot of reasons my heart didn’t get into it. So, I made some decisions as to what I would like to see in my business at home opportunity and waited and waited and waited for that business to come along.

And since signing up with Solavei I’ve certainly had my share of obstacles and sometimes I had to ask God if Solavei is the business at home opportunity I’m supposed to do. And each time I get through the obstacles, not all of them with Solavei, a lot of personal obstacles that can distract me from my business at home opportunity, I know Solavei is what I’m supposed to be an Independent Member of.

When obstacles come my way and try to take my focus off of my business I pray to God for strength that comes from Him so I can keep doing what I’m supposed to be doing and even though I still feel stressed and anxious I know God is handling things even though I don’t know what the outcome will be.

It’s fun to watch the results of God’s work and I’m left in awe and amazement and the works he does in my life.

Seriously, for me, God helps me to change my direction to my goal and not my decision to get there.
How about you? How do you stay on track with your at home business opportunity?