Williamsburg belongs to Brooklyn’s most exciting and popular neighborhoods and counts some 35,000 residents. In the past two decades, Williamsburg has become a highly influential center of contemporary music, jazz, soul, and indie rock, and it is known for its hipster culture.

The neighborhood offers a well-developed art scene, the finest restaurants, great music venues, and a vibrant nightlife, earning it the name ‘Little Berlin’, so go to Williamsburg and soak up the energetic creativity and young vibe that has characterized this mecca for the young and the creative for already many years.

Williamsburg is a bit of a mish-mash of vistas and cultures, and the Williamsburg hipster scene has transformed the area’s old industrial buildings into artistic centers, restaurants, the finest shops, and interesting music venues.

The combination of modest attached homes and expensive waterfront high rises has created a very interesting neighborhood that is indicative of the “new Brooklyn”. Check out the following thing to do in Williamsburg:

Visit Brooklyn Bowl

At Brooklyn Bowl, you can bowl, have a top meal, and enjoy the best Indie rock bands at the same time. The venue is actually pretty unusual as it is at the same time a bowling alley, a concert hall, and a restaurant that serves great food at the Blue Ribbon, a leading Brooklyn restaurant name.

You can come here with your kids, with your guests, or bring a date for a night of fun, but beware, concerts at Brooklyn Bowl are often sold out, so get your tickets early.

Dine out or eat out, plenty of good restaurants in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is one of Brooklyn’s finest neighborhoods for foodies, and there are many places where you can get the most exquisite cheese, excellent wines, and great restaurants.

The neighborhood is full of good eateries where you can enjoy the best freshly made tacos or have the greatest of fine dining. Visitors to Williamsburg are offered the widest variety of restaurant options, from steak houses to Michelin-rated places.

IMG_7432-1Check out Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is a great place to visit, and the place has helped reinvent Brooklyn’s beer industry, as Brooklyn, at one time, had a flourishing beer industry and many major brew houses.

On weekends, a lot of visitors are taking a tour of the brewing facility, but Brooklyn Brewery is more than just a brewery, it also has a great bar, and the majority of patrons just come to drink.

For $20 you’ll get 6 drink tokens that you can use for your choice of Brooklyn-brewed seasonal beers.

Bike or Walk Across the Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge is engineered by one of Gustav Eiffel’s associates and that shows. The bridge may be not as picturesque or as the Brooklyn Bridge, but it has continuously been important in the history of New York. The bridge has separate pedestrian and bike lanes and offers some of the greatest views of parts of Manhattan. As Brooklyn Bridge is permanently over-crowded, the Williamsburg Bridge offers a fine alternative.

How Do You Get There Best?

From Manhattan, the easiest and best way to go to Williamsburg is by subway and is you’ll take the L train to Bedford Avenue, you will find yourself in the middle of all the action in no time.

If you come from Queens, you best take the G train to Metropolitan Avenue, just a few blocks away from Bedford Avenue. From Manhattan, you can also take the East River Ferry, which makes Williamsburg stops at North 6th Street and South 11th Street. Then, of course, you always can bike or walk across the Williamsburg Bridge.